Goodbye to 2014

Whew. Why do I feel like I “survived” the last two months of 2014? Let’s see…out of town company mid November for 10 days (love my friend and her husband so not complaining). Put friend on plane Sunday Nov. 23rd and commence to prepare for 30+ relatives coming to my house for Thanksgiving.  Get Christmas tree up Sunday after Thanksgiving before leaving Thursday for three days of consulting work in D.C., that for some reason I have agreed to for the first weekend of December.  (There should be a federal law not allowing less than four full weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas).

Back up to farm to spend time with horses the following 2 weekends (and try to not panic that Christmas is gaining on me and I’m not ready).  My daughter announces that she and her boyfriend want to mosaic a table for his folks for Christmas. Now she knows that since I love to mosaic and consider myself quite good at it, that this will warm my heart (because that means she appreciates my interests and talents) and I will want to “help”.  Not to mention that with my slightly controlling personality, I will end up doing most of the work.  With the two of them finishing college finals, I use that as an excuse to almost complete the entire project and leave the grouting and sealing for them to do when they arrive just prior to Christmas Day. Yep. Part of my mantra…take on a project on top of the busiest time of the year.

Christmas shows up as scheduled.  After Christmas dinner, I look at the tree and realize since we were leaving for Maine on Saturday…everything needs to come down. Now.  Stayed up until midnight and got entire house un-decorated.  Up Saturday at 5 am to catch flight to Maine. Yes, people from Florida think it’s cute to see snow during the holidays. Maine is extremely cold, but tons of football to watch…and just enough snow to enjoy.  Hello 2015.  Maybe this will be the year I learn to say “no” to the voices in my head that continue to say “you can do this!”.


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